Venturian is the first of the Greenhorne teammates in Miitopia.

Canon Appearances Edit

-Miitopia:Season 1 (demo rebirth) (ep.3-First Appearance) (first canon appearance)

-Tomodachi Life:New World

Relationships Edit

Jaron (Miitopia) Edit

Venturian lended a hand to Jaron when he was overwhelmed.

Catman (Miitopia) Edit

Venturian and Catman are good friends, but they were both scared of Dark Lord Voldemort.

Cavemanfilms (Miitopia) Edit

Venturian and Caveman are good acquaintances.

Josh (Miitopia),Catwoman (Miitopia),and Ani (Miitopia) Edit

Only know each other.

Trivia Edit

-He is based on the YouTube Channel VenturianTale.

-He is the first teammate of Jaron in Miitopia.