Jaron is a Mii who is the main character of The Tomodachi Life and Miitopia playthroughs.

Life Edit

Tomodachi Life Original Playthrough Edit

He was the first islander on Ultamite Island,Eventually Marrying Catwoman.

Marriage Edit

He and Catwoman were happy together.

Tomodachi Life: Flashpoint Edit

After his lookalike didn't appear for a week, he knew he had to do something!

Tomodachi Life: New World Edit

Not much is known about his Jedi Island variant.

Miitopia Edit

Original Playthrough (Demo) Edit

He was a young boy with an energetic spirit, trying to keep Miitopia safe from Dark Lord Jake Paul. This version was retconned out of existence in Flashpoint.

New Edit

Still a young boy with an energetic spirit, now trying to defeat Dark Lord Voldemort. Now with teammates, He may just stand a chance.

Teammates Edit
Greenhorne Edit




Neksdor Edit




Realm of The Fey Edit


Jobs Edit

Warrior Edit

As a warrior, he fought through Greenhorne.

Chef Edit

As a chef, He became quite good with Flambe.

Scientist Edit